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Since 2000, RPI Consulting has delivered customized, cost-effective solutions to difficult public concerns in rural communities throughout the Mountain West. By design, our multidisciplinary in-house skills lean heavily toward integrated strategic planning and analysis.

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Case Studies & Testimonials

partnerspageUnique projects that have yielded exceptional results,
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Town of Carbondale, Colorado
RPI Consulting provided a framework for achieving a sustainable future at the local level with strategies that align this Roaring Fork Valley town’s community, environment and economy. The plan delivers general guidance and incorporates expectations about community character, land use and fiscal/budgetary sustainability. It also contains ideas for optimizing pedestrian/bike mobility through a continuous, well-connected system of streets, sidewalks and pathways for safe vehicle-free travel. Since the plan’s geographical scope included the town and a three-mile radius encompassing unincorporated land, we integrated the county comprehensive plan and added an approach to intergovernmental cooperation.


  • Strategic Comprehensive Planning
  • Intergovernmental Cooperation and Three-Mile Radius Plan
  • Bike and Pedestrian Mobility Plan
  • Land Use Code Assessment
  • Framework for Achieving Community Character, Land Use and Fiscal/Budgetary Sustainability at the Local Level
Grand County, Utah
With thousands of acres of wilderness as a tourism draw, Grand County sought to update its outlook on the future with help from RPI Consulting. The resulting one-stop, countywide general plan unites diverse communities, from the economic engine of Moab to rural centers like Cisco to remote lands in southeast Utah. During the update, the team evaluated and modified previous policies and established new ones to reflect evolving opinions about transportation, self-sufficiency, US 191 cleanup and the cost and benefits of sprawling versus compact development patterns. The plan and its land use map define goals, strategies and timelines. They also align the groups and organizations responsible for implementing initiatives.


Services provided:

  • One-Stop Countywide General Plan
  • Economic Development Plan
  • Future Development Fiscal Impact Study
  • Future Land Use Plan
  • Policy Analysis and Update
  • Plan Implementation Goals, Strategies and Timeline
  • Identification of Key Implementation Partners
Lake County and City of Leadville, Colorado
Seeking a road map for the future, the city and county turned to RPI Consulting for customized comprehensive plans and land use code assessments with detailed implementation steps. The plans contain an economic growth element that lists strategies and builds on the community assessment from the Colorado Main Street Program and the Lake County Economic Development Corporation. Both plans contain bike and pedestrian mobility elements, complete with maps and conceptual designs for safer, more attractive non-vehicle travel. Each plan includes a future land use scope outlining needed zoning changes. Since the plans were developed in tandem, intergovernmental cooperation is cemented with shared policies and direction for consolidating services between the city and county.


Services provided:

  • Multi-Jurisdictional Planning
  • Joint Coordinated Planning
  • Intergovernmental Cooperation and Shared Services Strategies and Policies
  • Land Use Code and Assessment
  • Future Land Use Plan
  • Bike and Pedestrian Mobility Plan


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